Verucchio, Italy

Near Rimini in Italy a cementery with graves dated to 800-700 B.C. was found. These graves contained the best preserved textiles from this period so far in southern Europe.

Large red semi circular cloaks with tablet woven borders were among the finds. The borders were woven to the cloak after the twill fabric was finished. Kappekant lille

The rounded border of the cloak was made using 36 tablets and the fringes of the twill fabric was used as wefts of the border. The border has a simple pattern of triangles (see the picture below).

Fig 5 Corored border
The dye analysis of cloak 2 from grave 89 in Verucchio showed that the twill fabric had traces of madder and that the border had traces of madder and indigo.

Fig 2  The border of mantle 1

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