Weaving Tablets

Weaving tablets. Vævebrikker. Weaving cards. Vevbrikker. Webbrettchen. For sale.

The tablets are developed especially for reconstruction work by the late Egon Hansen, from whom I inherited the production tool. I needed a lot of tablets for all the reconstruction work – but I did not need as many as 10.000 which is the factory’s minimum production – that is why I sell them! They are the best and easiest to work with both for simple and for complicated pattern weaving.

Made of white plastic. Size 6,0 x 6,0 cm. Thickness 1,6 mm.
Smooth and soft surface, which does not harm even fine yarns.
Ideal for both beginners and for more experienced tablet weavers.

100 tablets 300 DKK (about 45 $/ 40 €) + postage.

To order send an email to
plast brikker

Weaving a copy of an Iron Age band -probably cuffs- from Brødbæk in Denmark using white and painted plastic tablets.


Weaving a reconstruction of the broad band from the celtic burial Hochdorf using 98 tablets. The tablets are painted on two opposite edges to make it easier to follow the pattern which constist of 298 lines. In all, more than 29.000 turns of single tablets were needed before the pattern repeated itself.

Vavning af band Hochdorf

Note that the warp is fixed at the end using two different sticks. One holds the pattern tablets which are blue and yellow color, and one holds the edge tablets and the tablets in the midle which are twisted around for every  weft. The reason for this is that the pattern tablets use a little less warp than does the edge- and twisted tablets. Thus I can keep an equal tension on the warp.


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